Education at Gatwick Aviation Museum

Education is a major theme in Gatwick Aviation Museums operating mode.

This is spelt out in one of the charities objectives and is defined within its Articles of Association, this is a fundamental part of the reason the museum was created and exists. The particular object is taken from the Articles of Association and is shown below.

“The Charity's objects ("the Objects") are to provide an educational centre for the general public (and in particular students and school children) in the South East of England for awareness of National Aviation History.

This is to be achieved by the establishment of a working Aviation museum to restore, preserve, maintain and display Historic and Classic Aircraft and Associated Memorabilia to the public and to provide a venue for lectures, seminars and practical workshops on Aviation History and Development.”

In practice this objective is currently achieved by offering to host disparate and diverse groups. To those groups we offer to show and explain the fundamentals of an aircraft, its shape, control, purpose, history, unique features, powerplant and many other aspects that encompass the world of aviation. Alongside this there are many aviation artefacts that display and illustrate the complex and miscellaneous parts that go to make up an aircraft and its systems.

Amongst the many groups that have taken advantage of our hosting offering have been, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Guides, School children, Cadets and other similar organisations. This year alone (2017) so far, more than 25 groups have visited the museum, some twice!

The museum as a charity is self-funding, we get no grants from local or national governments, no national or international organisation supports us financially. It’s for this reason that, unlike many national collections, we have to make a charge to view the collection.

For the groups that come under the “education” label we do not charge, we see this as implementing a part of the charitable object mentioned above. In the future we hope to offer the practical workshops mentioned.