Spare parts required for Project 53




Cockpit Access Ladder EF3-88-2697.
Flight refuel probe ?
Nose jacking trestle; In stock 26DK/95005
Intake weather covers; In stock  Spare required 27D/3217
Engine intake weather cover; Stock Spare required 27D/3218 or 26DK/95056. pt no EB2-88-961
Engine intake running debris guards; In stock 26dk/95012
Jet pipe cover;In stock, spare in storage 27d/3276
Canopy jack safety lock; In stock 26DK/95291
Canopy seal guard port and starboard; Local manufacture 26DK/95129 and no EB2-88-2133/35
Canopy sling; In stock 26DK/95263. pt no EB20-88-5941
No2 engine bay brace ;Identified  
Nose wheel cover; In stock 27D/3092
Spine cover; In stock, spare required 27D/3242
Upper jet pipe walk way 26DK/95208 pt no EB2-88-3981
No1 engine main air bleed duct 26dk 13003 pt no eb3-55-91