General Panel Layout


Above: "The office" click to open


The above images depict the general cockpit layout in F53 and F6 variants of the Lightning. Other variants,T4. T5 and T55 aside, are all of similar basic lay out. One aspect common to all the single seat variants is the lack of space! The 'office' is just 36 inches wide from port skin to starboard skin, though the useable space for the pilot is in fact a mere 21 inches. Cozy to say the least! Once strapped into the seat, with all egress equipment installed, you are actually perched, rather than seated, with a high vantage point. Visibility is reasonable all around, though forward visibility is some what obstructed both by, the low angle and position of screen frames. Most controls are easily accessible and logical, though some dexterity is required when work load increases. The main control stick is particularly multi functional, offering a wide variety of system control centrally. There are no multifunctional displays. Though the working space is small everything is rather cleverly packed in, but still remaining logical





                          Port instrument:- Undercarriage and flaps indication                             Port console: Canopy and Ventilation controls





                      Port instrument panel:- Standby AI and Altimeter                       Gang bar panel, compass and g meter





        Centre pedestal:- communication and ILS                                                     Port coaming:- flight refueling.

                                                                                                                                  Port console:- Radar controller

                                                                                                                                  S/B console:- Stores and reconnaissance






                      Engine indication                                                                                                      Throttle controls











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