The gear comprises two main-undercarriage units, retracting outwards into the wings, and one nose-undercarriage unit, retracting forward into the fuselage. When the  gear is retracted, the wing and fuselage apertures are closed by flush-fitting fairings and doors. All three units are raised and lowered by pressure from the services hydraulic system and controlled electrically from a selector unit in the cockpit. 

The undercarriages and fairing doors are locked in the raised and lowered positions by mechanical, hydraulic or hydraulically- operated locks; microswitches, incorporated in the undercarriage mechanism, which signal a cockpit indicator when each unit is correctly locked, up or down.

In the event of failure in the normal hydraulic supply, or of electrical failure, the gear can be lowered by the use of the emergency-lowering handle. 


Each of the three undercarriage units comprises an oleo-pneumatic shock-absorber strut, a knuckle-type radius rod incorporating the strut down-lock mechanism, and  a single wheel, the strut being lowered and retracted by a hydraulic jack. The nose unit casters through 340 deg and hydraulic shimmy damping is incorporated. All tyres are tubeless, and the main wheels are fitted with hydraulic plate-type brakes and a Maxaret anti-skid mechanisms.