The main communication radio consists of a transmitter / receiver Type PTR/175 in the fuselage spine, two aerials, one covering UHF frequencies under the nose fuselage and the other covering both UHF and VHF frequencies in the aircrafts fin; a radio control unit is on the centre pedestal in the cockpit. This installation provides for UHF main and stand-by telecommunications, UHF navigation and homing, telebriefing and ILS.

Above: A PTR175 radio set


The radar installation includes Tacan, I.F.F. / S.S.R. and AI 23s. The AI 23s I-band radar and computing system on this aircraft is powered by 200-volt AC and 27-volt DC supplies and operates in both the air-to-air and air-to-ground modes. 

The radar unit is housed in  a bullet-shaped centre-body in the air intake duct. The unit is pressurised, and heat generated by the equipment contained is dissipated by a heat exchanger through which cockpit exhaust flows as the cooling medium.