ZF579 Donations and Sponsorship


If you would like to make a donation or help sponsor ZF579, please see below


With thanks to the following!


Financial sponsors and donations

David Tylee

David Cawthorne

Rod Barker

Milt Roach

Phil Kingsbury

Lee Stacey

Gatwick Aviation Museum



David Levvet (Weather covers)

RS components (Consumables)

Anglo American Lightning Organisation (Spares and skills pooling)

Tangmere Military Aviation Museum (Spares)

Yorkshire Air Museum (Spares)

Cranfield T5 projects (Ground equipment)

Lightning preservation Group (Spares and skills pooling)




You can help this project in a variety of ways, from financial sponsorship, to tools, materials, or just your time. If you are able to help, contact PROJECT 53 via the 'CONTACTS' section


A.     Restoration and Equipment

B.      Sponsorship


For Direct sponsorship of ZF579 please click to email 

We are always interested in donations and sponsorship for this project. Project 53 is currently continuing to restore ZF579 as close to the original airworthy condition she was in,  all work carried out on this airframe is subject to control standards and maintenance documentation. Original material specs and methods are used where still available today. This attention to detail makes the restoration slow and expensive. Obviously a live example of a lightning is significantly more expensive to maintain than a static exhibit. Special ground equipment and procedures are required to support a live airframe, and painstaking attention must prevail over all else, to maintain  integrity. To this end, restoration costs are far higher than that for a static display example, and as such we welcome any donations or sponsorship, in what ever form. Particularly useful are donations of vital fluids, such as OM15/DTD585 hydraulic fluid and AVTUR, both of which are costly, but vital.

We are particularly interested in any Lightning spares, what ever condition. Please contact us if you have spares available.