PAC/P57/058; Sea Prince T.Mk.I

c/n ALSO GIVEN AS P.57/58 and PAC/P/58

  WP308 G-GACA  




  30th October 1952  

Awating collection

  7th November 1952  

Delivered to Stretton Receving and Disposals Unit

  13th February 1953  

Transferred to 750 Sqdn St.Merryn (received 16th February 1953 coded MF/612 then SR/612

  130th November 1953  

Transferred to Culdrose with 750 Sqdn and coded CU/612, recoded in January 1956 to CU/668

  22nd March 1956  

Transferred to Culdrose Aircraft Repair Section for damage repair and then taken by road by Southern NATSU to Field Aircraft Services, Tollertonon the 15th of June (Received on the 18th of June 1956) for reconditioning.

  6th May 1957  

Transferred to Lossiemouth Aircrfat Handling Unit for storage. Embalmed between the 16th of July 1958 and the 30th of July 1957. Resurrected for service on the 19th of May 1959.

  9th June 1959  

Transferred to 750 Sqdn at Culdrose code uknown

  13th October 1959  

Transferred to 750 Sqdn Half Far coded HF/668

  12th July 1965  

Transferred to 750 Sqdn at Lossiemouth coded LM/649. As of January 1966 Total Flying Hours=2994


18th May 1967 -14thSeptember 1967



  19th July 1971  

Transferred to BAC at Hurn for resparring.

  11th April 1973  

Transferred to 750 Sqdn at Culdrose now coded CU/572 and back on RN charge. As of November 1975 Total Flying Hours=6833 Landings=5104 As of 13th April 1978 Total Flying Hours=6973 Landings=6555

  26th June 1979  

Transferred to 5 M.U. at Kemble for storage

  1st March 1980  

Offered for sale by the MOD with Total Flying Hours=7043

  May 1980  

Purchased by EuroPacific Corp of West Germany togther with WF133, WM735, WP313 and WP321. sale not completed and offered for re-sale by MOD on the 27th of June 1980,

  29th August 1980  

CofA aplication made for one flight from Kemble to Staverton. (Glos)

  2nd September 1980  

Registered on the Civil register as G-GACA. Registration form

  9th September 1980  

Delivered to Atlantic and Caribean Aviation, Staverton (Pilot Grodon Clary). Stored at Staverton Total Flying Hours=1950 since re-spar.

  October 1987  

Offered for sale at a London Auction by Aircraft Mart of Staverton, Glos. Withdrawn from sale as "Sold in Canada".

  April 1989  

Offered again for sale by Aircraft Mart - not sold.

  30th October 1989  

Bought by Peter Vallance, Charlwood, Surrey

  12th November 1989  

Delivered to Vallance Aircraft Collection, Lowfield Heath, Surrey

  3rd January 1990  

Received by P.G.Vallance, Charlwood, Surrey. Total Flying Hours=6221

  26th January 1999  

Transferred to Gatwick Aviation Museum - On display still coded CU/572. Ground runner since 2006.