Gatwick Aviation Museum ‘Open Cockpit Day’
Saturday 3rd October

Come and sit in the cockpits of your favourite aircraft.

Each ticket provides you with a 10 min personal tour of the the cockpits of all our aircraft with details explanation of the controls from our experts.
You will be able to sit in the following cockpits:-

  • English Electric Lightning
  • Hawker Hunter T7
  • de Havilland Sea Vixen
  • Blackburn Buccaneer
  • Percival Sea Prince
  • Avro Shackleton

The following Aircraft will still have cockpits open with steps so that you can have a good look in as well as your expert tour but will not be available to sit in for safety reasons :-

  • de Havilland Venom
  • Gloucester Meteor
  • Hawker Harrier

Avro Shackleton Mk3 Ph3

English Electric Lightning F53

Blackburn Buccaneer S1

Gloster Meteor T.7

de Havilland Venom F.B 50 MK. 1

de Havilland Sea Vixen TT.8

Hawker Harrier G.R.3

Hawker Hunter T.7B

Percival Sea Prince T.1.

Please Note:-

  • To visit all aircraft will take around 2 hrs so please arrive at least 2 hrs before the end of the morning or afternoon session.
  • Access to all aircraft will be via the use of steps, no other access method is available.
  • All cockpits are rather small and require a reasonable degree of agility to get into.
  • Tickets will be available on the day @ £50.00 per person.
  • All entry fees are treated as donations.
  • All tickets are subject to our ticket Terms and conditions available here.

Book Tickets

Ticket Type Price Spaces
Global Ticket (All Aircraft) AM Session from 9:00 - 12:00
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Global Ticket (All Aircraft) PM Session from 13:00 - 16-00
Price is Per Person, Please select Quantity of Tickets Required under Spaces.